A better way for doing good.

We are a pioneering social impact organization, working at the intersection of business, nonprofit and community to transform lives.

Foundation X empowers effective philanthropy to impact lives and shift the world forward.

Create real, lasting change.

By building critical connections between industry experts, community leaders and donors, Foundation X advances philanthropic efforts by transforming disparate action into one targeted effort toward sustainable change.

Who We Serve

You stand for something. We stand with you.

No matter what you need to make an impact, Foundation X is ready to help multiply your philanthropic efforts. Our unique Social Impact Office surrounds you with an extensive network of expertise—providing greater insight, better support and increased peace of mind.



Athlete being given advice on how to start a foundation.

Athletes and Executives

You have a desire to give back to the community that raised you or to a cause you care about, we’re here to help make you make a difference.

Executive who wants to start a foundation.

Individuals and Families

You want to make a transformational difference. We help make your social impact vision a reality.

Institutions and Corporations

You want to engage key stakeholders and deepen your commitment to the community, we help develop strategic plans that generate buy-in and create impact.