Corporations & Businesses

Connecting your organization with something bigger. 

Foundation X partners with corporations and businesses that are committed to engaging employees and advancing the work of community partners. We help translate your values to the broader community through actionable outcomes. 

We deliver results. 

The Foundation X Social Impact Office delivers an expert corporate social responsibility (CSR) team directly to your organization with a fraction of the financial commitment. 

Strategic Philanthropy

Aligning every decision with your organizational vision and social impact goals.

    • Social Impact Visioning
    • Business Case for Giving
    • Governance
    • Impactful Partnerships
    • Corporate Foundation Creation

Employee Engagement

Inviting employees to join in and achieve a collective impact for both the company and the community.

    • Matching Gifts
    • Volunteer Programs
    • Board Service
    • Community Ambassador Program

Operations & Administration

Activating and operating your programs, allowing you more time to expand your business.

    • Marketing and Communications
    • Partnership Development
    • Grant Administration
    • Payment Processing
    • Legal and Compliance

Bringing your vision for social impact to life.

Foundation X serves as your fractional Chief Impact Officer, while operating employee philanthropic programs as an extension of your team, embedding impact into your organization’s operations. 

How We Work

Each of our partnerships is highly customized, aligning your company goals, culture, and footprint to generate solutions that reflect who you are and the world that you want to see. We work with key internal stakeholders and within your current structure to become an integrated partner, facilitating your social impact efforts and increasing employee engagement. 


Our in-depth discovery conversations help us get to know you, your organization’s social impact goals, and how our team can best support your employees.

Engagement Level Recommendation

We create recommendations that are tailor-made and will include the services that will help the company’s vision come to live in the most effective manner.

Team Assignment

We cultivate a team suited perfectly to advance the organization’s goals. This team will operate as an integrated part of your company, leveraging our experts behind the scenes.

Social Impact Office Establishment

Foundation X establishes a Social Impact Office within your organization, operating employee philanthropic programs, embedding impact into your organization’s operations.

Amplify your impact.

Let’s partner, bringing your vision to life, enhancing programing, streamlining operations, providing leadership, and furthering your impact.