Nonprofit Endowments 

Investing in the Future 

To keep the mission long-lasting, it is important to invest in the sustainability of your organization. Starting an investment plan with professional support can provide long-term stability while building trust with donors, clients, and staff.

Our Services

Current, historical and future financial planning

Cash-flow modeling and liability matching

Investment Policy Statement creation and consultation

Quarterly Investment Performance deliverables

Recurring meetings with your Nonprofit Board

Amplifying returns so you can invest in others 

Our Process

We start with a discovery session to identify organizational history, goals and financial health

We model out cashflow goals, including building upon your organization’s projections and understanding the liabilities

We structure an Investment Policy Statement for your organization to set up guidance and parameters that lead to thoughtful but dynamic investment protocols

We utilize information from discovery, the cash flow and liability analysis, and the Investment Policy Statement, constructing an optimal portfolio for the desired goals of your organization

We meet with you on a predetermined cadence to provide investment and performance updates and ensure organizational investment goals are being met

Extend your team. Enhance your mission.

By partnering with Foundation X, you will instantly onboard a team of philanthropic experts as an extension of your mission, providing more than ever before.