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Contracts & Philanthropy

Professional athletes can play a significant role in generating social impact in their communities. This, in many ways, can be very positive for the athlete. It grants them a spotlight and a platform for them to have their voice heard, and their actions seen. Though,...

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Giving vehicles provide a more organized and formal platform from which to conduct impact philanthropy, and also provides important tax-planning benefits. This comparison will help you assess your current and prospective needs, and enable you to determine which...

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End-of-Year Giving Dates and Deadlines | 2023

Nonprofit organizations receive most of the funding to fuel their missions at the end of each year. This increase of contributions allows their vital work to continue, benefitting those they serve. As a donor, ensuring your donation is received and processed in the...

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Family Philanthropy Discussion & Planning Guide

Family philanthropy offers a powerful way to have an impact on the causes that matter most to you and your loved ones. It can create a forum for shared experiences and values, providing a meaningful opportunity for families to know one another on a deeper level and...

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