Langston Galloway Foundation

by Apr 30, 2023

Langston Galloway Foundation Logo

The Langston Galloway Foundation exists to help build strong foundations through sports, education, and wellbeing by removing barriers, providing support, and casting a vision of what is possible. They aim to equip the next generation of leaders and change makers with skills and resources that foster a positive path through, school, sports, and life. 

 As founders, Langston and Sabrina Galloway have been the primary supporters of the organization, deploying key programs and initiatives single-handedly and enriching the communities they care most about. With a desire to expand the organization and engage the next generation of athletes, Foundation X was onboarded as a strategic partner to further the operations and initiatives of the organization.  

Deepening the commitment the Langston Galloway Foundation continues to make, Foundation X assisted in the creation of a singular vision for the future, supported healthy Board Governance, and unlocked additional funding. By facilitating a brand refresh, Foundation X was able to clearly articulate the mission of the Langston Galloway Foundation, while aligning marketing efforts.  

By deploying these key services, LGF has been able to grow into their future vision, creating A Strong Foundation and A Better Path Forward.

Langston Galloway Foundation Logo