Ashby Legacy Fund

by May 18, 2023

Foundation X helps non profits like the Ashby Legacy Fund to find better ways of doing good.

Led by former Ashby Alumni and current residents of the community, the Ashby Legacy Fund (ALF) invests in the preservation of Ashby, Minnesota as a special place to live for now and generations to come. Through key investments in Community, School and Students, the Fund seeks to revitalize the community while celebrating and embodying local heritage.  ALF furthers growth in the community through three distinct passions:

  • A passion for community enrichment. The Community Team (formerly Community Club) focuses on the revitalization and sustainability of Ashby, as well as hosting many fun and seasonal events that celebrate our community’s uniquely vibrant history. 
  • A passion for student initiatives. The School Team (formerly Ashby Education Foundation) works with educators and classroom fundraisers to support vital programs in Ashby schools that may lie beyond the scope of an annual classroom budget. 
  • A passion for lifelong learning. The Scholarship Team (formerly Dollars for Scholars) provides Ashby students with a one-of-a-kind scholarship opportunity and helps to strengthen our culture of remembering our roots and giving back to the next generation. 

With operational and administration support provided by Foundation X, ALF has been able to focus the Board’s attention on what they know best: supporting the people of Ashby. By relieving the administrative burden through accounting, tax, legal and compliance support, the Fund now has more time and energy dedicated to achieving the vision of the Ashby community. Because of their success, the Ashby Legacy Fund is now a model for other communities of similar size and situation, allowing others to emulate their achievements in full-community activation and integration. 

Foundation X helps non profits like the Ashby Legacy Fund to find better ways of doing good.