We believe that doing good can always be done better.

Foundation X convenes our extraordinary community of families, founders, athletes, and organizations to catalyze collaborative philanthropy and cause impact at scale. Together, we tackle the most urgent challenges in the communities in which we live and work, with the goal of democratizing access to opportunity by lifting up individuals so they can live with dignity and purpose.


Many donors have too many giving requests; many nonprofits have too few donors. We streamline the process to help both sides find, vet and secure likeminded partners.


Whether you’re an individual or an organization, we help keep your mission front and center by identifying strategic, high-impact targets that align with your broader values.


More than ever, donors want to feel connected to their giving. We provide the tools for stakeholders to see direct impact, letting an organization’s good work shine through.


High-impact work often requires plans to turn on a dime. We help build flexible processes that can adapt to changing needs, making sure that no dime ever goes to waste.


No one makes an impact better than those on the front lines. We help put funding in the hands of the people who will make the most of it through our targeted grantmaking.


Administrative redundancies can burden the potential of any fund. We help streamline governance and fund allocations, preserving more money for the people who need it most.

Leading by example.

Empowering the Changemakers.

Your passions, interests and social impact goals are unique. That’s why we start by active listening, hearing your vision for the future. Then we empower action, expanding your efforts and capabilities to create the change you want to see.